Slink Chunk Press

Hey cool kid, welcome to Slink Chunk Press! Soon this space will be filled with fiction, poetry and general visual artistic awesomeness, but for now we would like to extend a warm hug/high five/fist-bump, and to tell you a little about us.

Slink Chunk Press is a place for cool kids, in a land where cool means being tolerant and not a jerk to people in comments. And not at all ashamed to fan girl or fanboy. Fangirling and fanboying (fanpersoning? fanning?) over people’s work is HIGHLY encouraged at Slink Chunk Press. What we’re looking to do is to shake things up, to give fresh takes on the tropes that occur in a lot of magical realist, speculative and urban fantasy fictions, poetry, essays and art!

The first issue of Slink Chunk Press will be launching on the 1st of October, so watch this space! And if you want to get involved, check out the Submission Guidelines and send us some work! We do not discriminate against age, race, gender, or experience (in fact you don’t even have to disclose this information if you don’t want to. Pseudonyms are just fine).

Much Love

SCP xxx

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