Love is a Battlefield

by Romana Guilotte 

A long stalk of lumber was thrown over the wall and missed Edwin’s face only by a
fraction. It did, however, hit the lowly man below him, which had been all the better really, he was far too pushy up the ladder. Some might say that was a good quality to have while invading a castle, the hastiness. Edwin believed it lead to sloppiness.

Another log. It was small enough to bat out of the way, and he saw the man who threw it
this time. Their eyes locked, but Edwin told himself he was not to fall in love. Not again. Not even for a blond. He would not fall for such luscious locks and piercing blue eyes.
The moment passed and a snarl met both of their faces.
Determined, Edwin advanced up the ladder, only to have the man ahead of him face one of
those logs and lose. In that loss, he fell on Edwin and the two of them fell some feet. Edwin
managed to catch on further down the ladder; the other was not so lucky. War cries around him, some even sounded victorious as he glimpsed the man again on the wall. Edwin decided to call him Blue Eyes.
Another log. Boiling oil nearby. Oh, and cries of anguish.
Edwin laughed as he dodged all three. “Nice try!”
Blue Eyes smirked an adorable smirk. “Challenge accepted.”

More items came Edwin’s way, but he managed to evade them all and scale the rest of the
way. Fires, canons, gunshots, and screams around him all disappeared when Blue Eyes met him at the top. Swords stopped, the sun came out, and the world froze. It even turned black and white, Edwin felt a song coming on, but repressed it as Blue Eyes brought up his sword.
Edwin jumped onto the wall and drew his sword as the world darkened again. “Until the death?”
“Naturally. I could not wish for a sweeter death.”
Music to Edwin’s ears. Surely Blue Eyes was having the same feelings. Their elegant swords were drawn and crossed dangerously close. “A fine hilt you have. Much like the work done in a small Northern town I know,” Edwin remarked.
“A Northern smith for sure. Bought it off a tradesman in Leicester.”
Parry, parlay, dodge.
“Yours is quite the beauty itself.”
“From the same Smith, if my guess serves me right.”
The front gate fell as Edwin circled out of his thrust. Blue Eyes circled around to miss
being hit by another soldier. Edwin knocked his fellow countryman out of the way. “No, mine.”

They met again when their swords crossed so very close, Edwin could almost smell his
breath. “Yours?”
Edwin hid a blush. “Oh, you know what I mean.”
“Oh.” It was a disappointed ‘oh’. Hope abounds.
Swords cross, cross, parry. The hoards around them don’t pay any mind, they just went
about their business killing each other.

That’s right. They were all here to kill one another.

The sudden realization that he might have to kill this beautiful creature in front of him tore Edwin’s soul in half. Could he even do it? Oh the anguish!
“Something’s happened,” Blue Eyes said suddenly, stopping his swordplay. The men
around them stopped fighting as a horn sounded. Something important has happened.
“Truce! Truce!” The far crowd suddenly chanted.
Edwin and Blue Eyes looked into each other’s eyes as the bloodshed stopped and cheering
commenced. With a certain amount of daring that Edwin loved, Blue Eyes grabbed his hand and pulled him around the corner. Their lips met and Edwin’s heart burst. The sunrise peaked through the clouds and shone down. Actual birds sang, the rejoicing of men all around. Edwin’s day had unexpectedly turned around.

Romana Guillotte is an MFA Screenwriting Candidate at UNLV, a terribly average cellist, and loves dragons. She’s written reviews for “Marc Gunn’s Celtic Music Magazine”, wrote a very silly short called “The Piano Bar” that appeared in “Foliate Oak Literary Magazine”, and self-published her first novel “Lydia’s Family” back in ’06.

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