Excerpts from Twenty One: A NaNoWriMo Novel

by Bridgette Jameson  Screaming. That’s how I woke up this morning, well over three hours before I actually had to be up. In reality that meant I had probably only slept about an hour and would have to be ready to go on stage despite my lack of sleep. As I looked at the clock next to me and noticed it was only just three in the morning I sighed. Endless essays for French and Latin had kept me up until it was nearly two, and even then I had trouble getting myself to dream land. Blinking the sleep out … Continue reading Excerpts from Twenty One: A NaNoWriMo Novel


by Mitchell Grabois The dead use fire to make their wishes known. They use icicles and snow drifts. They employ wildfires that burn thousands of acres. Avalanches. They might as well be mute, so poorly understood are they. Even the poets among them lack eloquence. Their mouths are sewn shut, the open mics are closed. The painters among them can only paint with their Mounds of Venus. The whores paint with their mounds, the gluttons with Peter Paul Mounds, the alcoholics with vinegar. We don’t hear them because we’re not truly listening, even those of us with ouiji boards in … Continue reading Slumber

Mr Macho

by Kayla Pongrac Patricia lifted up the yellow bed skirt in a panic as I lay in bed, trying to think if I had any friends whose last names could be classified as verbs. A list of names ran through my head: John Rollest, Michele Tampore, Evan Trifick, Nick Adron, Jessica Amil, Corey Frankle. Just as I concluded that I didn’t have action-packed friends, Patricia began explaining that she put Randy in his plastic ball around midnight and the last time she saw him rolling around was when she went into the kitchen for a bag of hamburger buns. Randy … Continue reading Mr Macho

Victory From Solace

By Kaye Branch Ciel sat on Charlee’s couch, which smelled and felt like the suburban life she’d tried to escape. The theater where she squatted was occupied by a late night rehearsal. Her only other friend was Adrienne, a fellow witch, would only let her come into her apartment on rare occasions. This first sentence is too long. Adrienne said she didn’t like to entertain guests, but Charlee let a procedural thriller do that job for her, and Ciel was irked. By the second commercial break, Ciel figured out the identity of the killer and his motive, which was, predictably, … Continue reading Victory From Solace

In the Dark Places

by Carolyn Elias She spends her days in dark corners blanketed in shadows so she can lick. It started in small patches: First the front left paw, then the front right paw, up her belly and thighs, her tongue crept and I would hunt her by the click of her tongue against her incisors. Huddled in that dark place, swaddled in fleece, I finger her nubby fur: missing what was lost. Weeping as a helpless mother. Carolyn D. Elias’ poetry has appeared in print in Sassafras Literary Magazine and East Jasmine Review. Her poetry has also appeared online at Lunch … Continue reading In the Dark Places

Skin Me Alive

by Carolyn Elias  Starting with the lips unpeel my layers. Crack my jaw bone wide open: I’m unhinged: muscles loose, flesh laid bare, sinew unstrung. I’m bingeing: hungry for you to see me. Paint the soul of me with your fingertips. My upturned palms, prone, weep in prayer. Flay the varnish of skin, lies, fear. Unearth the soft underbelly molting in the cage of my vertebrae. Help me blossom, not wilt, and die. I live, behind smiling lips, bolted shut. Please, skin me alive. Carolyn D. Elias’ poetry has appeared in print in Sassafras Literary Magazine and East Jasmine Review. … Continue reading Skin Me Alive