In the Dark Places

by Carolyn Elias

She spends her days in dark corners
blanketed in shadows so she can lick.
It started in small patches:
First the front left paw,
then the front right paw,
up her belly and thighs,
her tongue crept
and I would hunt her
by the click of her tongue against her incisors.
Huddled in that dark place,
swaddled in fleece,
I finger her nubby fur:
missing what was lost.
Weeping as a helpless mother.

Carolyn D. Elias’ poetry has appeared in print in Sassafras Literary Magazine and East Jasmine Review. Her poetry has also appeared online at Lunch Ticket, Apeiron Review, Read more about her at, or follow her on twitter: @CarolynDElias.

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