Skin Me Alive

by Carolyn Elias 

Starting with the lips unpeel my layers.
Crack my jaw bone wide open: I’m unhinged:
muscles loose, flesh laid bare, sinew unstrung.
I’m bingeing: hungry for you to see me.
Paint the soul of me with your fingertips.
My upturned palms, prone, weep in prayer.
Flay the varnish of skin, lies, fear.
Unearth the soft underbelly
molting in the cage of my vertebrae.
Help me
blossom, not wilt, and die.
I live, behind smiling lips, bolted shut.
Please, skin me

Carolyn D. Elias’ poetry has appeared in print in Sassafras Literary Magazine and East Jasmine Review. Her poetry has also appeared online at Lunch Ticket, Apeiron Review, Read more about her at, or follow her on twitter: @CarolynDElias.

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