I See You, Seeing Me

by Bridgette Annalyse
Artwork by thescratchman

                 Such an explosion. Marvellous in all senses, really. Any day now it will happen. It’s expected. What else could be expected of someone who never expresses emotion? With people like that, a breakdown is bound to make its way into existence. Pouring all her heart into her work is only a temporary solution; focusing all of her energy on anything except her feelings only allowed for the negativity to build with excessive force.
                 Remember what they say about gravity? What goes up, must come down. The same is true of energy. What goes in, must come out. And she has been silent for far too long now. So long that she must surely be at her capacity.
                 The idea that mass amounts of pain and anger and anxiety have been left to manifest is terrifying on its own. If the imagination cannot handle such an idea how can the mind, the heart, of such a young soul? Perhaps that is to be presumed of those who appear to be struggling with the separation of their professional and personal lives. It happens. And it will again soon. Very soon.

Artwork by

No words.
Not a thing comes to mind but the idea
          of nothing coming to mind.
Pink streamers float carefully
          and gracefully
          through the air
As I sit
And some hit a piñata.
A lovely looking blonde boy has hit it
          so hard that it has flown
          from the wire
          and landed nearby.
This is the moment I take a cone
          and keep it
          as a hat
Slowly searching for two passing treats.
It shines.
Kaleidoscopic in nature.
Creating shimmering, floral patterns
That dance in front of my vision.
Each breath of wind
Sends a stream floating
And silently time slows
          as it soars.


XXX Spectacles XXX J’ai Vus
That boy wrote x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x as if he had completely disconnected from all that surrounded him.  x x x x x x x x x others took their turns hitting at a festive star that hung just feet away from us; x x x I found myself lost in my observances of these lovely beings. x x x x x x x he managed to write with such eloquent words whilst eyes lightly gazed at all that was around him. It seemed to me as though his work took much effort; or was it as effortless as it first appeared to look? x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x so much talent. His concentration was quite beautiful.



Late nights running lines,
Days spent with the script.
As the curtains ascend,
The lights descend.
Endless excitement feeds me,
Like adrenaline.
Another moment to redefine my passion.
To make the audience embrace new ideas
Through acting.
To cultivate
Through directing.
To overcome hardships in order to open minds.
“Do you know how many
Try and fail at this?”
But those types of words only make me
More persistent.
“Practice does not make perfect.
Practice makes better.
And better is not enough.”
But I am determined to persevere.
I come from passion,
Not the best I can be.
But getting better.

Bridgette Jameson (Bridgette Annalyse) is a young Choctaw living in sunny Love Angeles. As an interdisciplinary artist Bridgette has had her fair share of acting, writing, photography, and other disciplines without formal training. She’s currently an editor of and contributor to The Pulp Zine. For collaborations, social media links, and any other inquiries you may contact her at her personal email:bridgetteannalyse@gmail.com

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