Ne Rein (It’s Nothing)

by Vanessa Willoughby And before you hoarded the bill, before your eyes Set fire to the moon-eyed waitress, jailbait-Jessica-Rabbit Fighting against a dress three inches too short, lashes Fluffed with fur, a slippery, trickster vision shimmying Claws clutching a one-way ticket to Purple haze heaven. And before you confessed, letting Your tongue snake around Blue velvet loneliness served neat You made sure to draw blood in preparation for the bruise. “I like how you have the face of a nymphet,” you said. Death breathing like little gills beneath your dewy skin Hand hovering over a smoking mouth Watching the molted … Continue reading Ne Rein (It’s Nothing)

Issue Four

Issue Four of Slink Chunk Press IS GO! Now, this is a big call to make, but I’m going to do it cos I’m a reckless no good daughter of a gun; Issue 4 is possibly the best issue of SCP we’ve put together so far. Thankyou again to our fabulous contributors, the new and the recurring; the fact that you’ve all chosen us to be the caretaker of your word/art babies means a heck of a lot. Next month, we’re going to be trialing something a little different. Instead of collating submissions at the end of the month and … Continue reading Issue Four