Issue Four

Issue Four of Slink Chunk Press IS GO! Now, this is a big call to make, but I’m going to do it cos I’m a reckless no good daughter of a gun; Issue 4 is possibly the best issue of SCP we’ve put together so far. Thankyou again to our fabulous contributors, the new and the recurring; the fact that you’ve all chosen us to be the caretaker of your word/art babies means a heck of a lot.

Next month, we’re going to be trialing something a little different. Instead of collating submissions at the end of the month and releasing them a day apart, we’re going to trial a kind of ‘constant flow’ (ummmm….) method of releasing (whhaaaa?) submissions; in other words, if you submit it, and we like it, we’re going to publish it straight away. So, if you’ve been thinking of submitting, now really is the time to do it!
It also means that the few of you who have not been included in Issue Four, but have not heard back from me regarding your submission either, hang tight! You may be receiving some good news in the next week or so.

However, we’re not going to do away with the issue format altogether. Inspired by the incredible artwork of Slink Chunk resident artist Bonny Ross (forthcoming in Issue 4), we have decided to launch a special issue that focuses on disability in science fiction and fantasy. If you would like to contribute to that, please specify in your cover letter that you are submitting for the SCP x Disability issue. At this early stage, we will also be looking for a guest editor, preferably someone who is currently living with a disability, whether it be physical or mental, who will be working with me to select submissions for the issue. If you think that’s something you would like to volunteer for, please contact us at


Issue Four

Vanessa Willoughby – Ne Rein (It’s Nothing)
Ashley Hutson – Thaw
Carolyn D. Elias – Bitches on Vaginas
Andria Wu – This Sorry Cycle
Mora Torres – Unfortunate Development
Stacey Margaret Jones – Credit Approved
Audrey El-Osta – Theft, The Other Girls and L’eau d’Issey
Bonny Ross – Elf Warrior

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