Home for Christmas

by Elly Baker White powder falls from the sky Frozen gale travels through the air Touches your nose Turns it into a cherry on top of a milkshake Almost there Feet crunch ice against each step of the stairway Under the patio Its roof a shield from wind In front of you the entrance to your home Its door a gatekeeper Deep breaths Your feet on the mat reading “Welcome” You grip the door handle frigid against your palm like a can of soda Wood creaks Warm air brushes your face You step in.   The artificial fireplace burns its … Continue reading Home for Christmas

Cartoon Wolf and Cartoon Girl

by Thomas Gumbel One day, a boy who was a wolf heard from the adults that death was a thing.  At first, he was scared of dying.  He wondered if his friend, a girl who was a human girl, had heard about death.  Then he was scared of the girl dying. The wolf wandered the streets, the green countryside, the edge of the dark woods, and the grounds of the haunted shack, thinking about how all of it might change.  At the end of the day, he stumbled on his favorite stream, where the girl found him washed up on … Continue reading Cartoon Wolf and Cartoon Girl

A Chill Effect

by Gary Priest tears are shed via bright blue switches responses to love come from shadow committees funerals are automated grief dispensed in small black sachets the decriminalised elements of romance are available in bright red installments murderous emotions are digitally labelled made available to research institutes and certain credit enhanced individuals misery is dispensed in sharp metallic pellets swallowed whole for immediate effect they dissolve harmlessly in thirty minutes specifically designed machinery will dismantle miscalculated relationships emotional and physical belongings apportioned appropriately A chill effect can also be purchased to avoid future complications Gary Priest lives at the end … Continue reading A Chill Effect