The Uryuom Plight

by J.D. Kotzman  When I touched down, returned triumphant from my mission—a crucial survey of the Cerul system, hundreds of light-years away—they cheered, called me a hero. I shook hands with the president a day later, during an official ceremony held in my honor. He pinned a shiny gold medal to my chest and whispered his gratitude in my ear, while millions of eager onlookers jostled one another, hoping to catch a glimpse of me, of history. And back in my hometown, they celebrated their local champion with a ticker tape parade. As I got charioted down the main boulevard, … Continue reading The Uryuom Plight


by Josh Rank The book cart had a squeaky wheel that regulars like Mrs. Baker would jokingly shush. Jack didn’t mind that most of the people he met at the library were twice, sometimes three-times his age. It was quiet, for the most part, and the small conversations in which he found himself were harmless. “Hey Jacky,” said Mrs. Baker. “How’s the pictures going?” Jack slid another non-fiction book onto the shelf and turned towards her. She stood with her arms cradling a magazine. “Oh, it’s fine.” “Working on anything?” “Actually, yeah.” He spoke quietly.   “It’s another dream, isn’t … Continue reading Static

The Blood of Lady Fortesque-Smythe

by Samantha Memi Lady Fortesque Smythe drives her Bentley Six along a country road leading to the village of Bensham. At 34, still beautiful, even after 12 years of marriage, she feels her life lacks passion, emotion, love. Her bloodline traces back to the 17th century but, as she often tells herself, what is the use of ancient blood if it imprisons her in the past. The jazz age has arrived and she wants to be part of it. Today is a beautiful summer’s day; the world is alive with wonder. As she drives, she enjoys the sunlight flickering through … Continue reading The Blood of Lady Fortesque-Smythe

Plague Monsters

by Dani Clark Monsters plagued the path to the clinic when Tangee and Ace got off the free bus. Every block they walked held rudimentary figures, illustrations of ghastly faces arranged on the sidewalk with black spray paint and filled in with colors. Each monster bragged a different facial expression, denoted through the gape or draw of its mouth. Tangee had seen these monsters before, to her they looked like jujube candies with character. Unclaimed by signature or initials, she’d never discovered their artistic maker. Some smiled, their goony tongues lapped the sidewalk. The monsters surrounding the clinic seized in … Continue reading Plague Monsters