by Cait Cole

In the back woods on the dirt trail she

got her boots stuck in the mud. Pulling out

that rusty flask, she tossed back stinging

raw amber drops. It wasn’t ordinary rum that

got her buzzed, she needed something special

to get the pretty demons woken up.

Grinning like a madwoman, she wiped

the dribble from her chin. Lungs on fire, she

declared it her first sin to pull the souls out

one by one, like her intestines come undone.

When she finished retching on the ground

she cried and praised her mama for all she was.

How she wished she could be stuffed with

chocolate cake, thick chunks of sugar-laced

sponge that melted on her tongue. But it

was her daddy that gave her this medicine

that cured the wilds in her head – so she

wiped the guilt off her palms and stood

up to dance yet again. She could fight tooth

and nail until bones broke and her knuckles

bled, but why battle the unbeatable when

sweet spirit will always win?

Cait Cole is a writer from New York. She is also a full-time student and a part-time barista. Her most recent work can be found in Bitterzoet Magazine, Fruita Pulp, and various others. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband and two cats.

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