Hopeless Chest

by Andrea Wyatt*

It’s too late

Is it too late?

It’s too late
list of jobs

of boyfriends (and other euphemisms)
I could fit the jobs,

the boyfriends (and other euphemisms)

into boring

sad and boring

thought I would like it but didn’t


I was insane to think it would work
It’s not too late

Is it too late?

It’s not too late
for lists

of birds (cormorants, grackles)

trees (cherry, gingko)

verbs Kunna (Icelandic has fourteen tenses)
and star systems
(no list for star systems

but I’d like to have one).
This is me

or one of me, anyway

lists in my hopeless chest

and a big bowl of spaghettiOs for supper
*This poem was written in response to a poem by Slink Chunk contributor Heather Dorn. You can read Hope Chest over at the Eunoia Review

Andrea Wyatt’s books include Three Rooms, Poems of the Morning, Poems of the Storm, Founding Fathers: Book One, The Movies, Jurassic Night, and Baseball Nights. She coedited Selected Poems by Larry Eigner, Collected Poems by Max Douglas, and The Brooklyn Reader (Random House/Harmony). She works for the National Park Service in Washington, DC.

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