by Laura Bibby

Moonflower waits patiently, stretching her botanical neck to get a good view of the sky over the trees. The sounds and movements of the day quieten and slow as the evening takes shape around her.

Bats replace sparrows and shadows replace sunlight as crepuscular creatures go about their nocturnal business. The clicking of cicadas signal that it’s almost time, she’s almost here.

Moonflower waits here every night to catch a glimpse. Of course, Luna doesn’t always come, and on those nights she burns. She burns with fear and self-loathing. Am I not bright enough? clever enough? beautiful enough? She sways with a jealous rage; where might Luna go on those nights? Does she shine her silver light on another? How many others are there?
But the following night she always appears, like nothing ever happened, and when Moonflower sees her beautiful face and the love for her drawn upon it, she instantly forgets how angry she was.

Still, she reflects on the days they spend apart. Although the hours don’t seem like a harsh trial when they’re in pursuit of love, still the time drags on. Even the constant bustle of life in the woods where she lives can’t distract her from the dull ache of longing.

When Moonflower tries to get some sleep in the shade as the sun beats steadily overhead, the soft fuzz of the bumble bees as they brush against her couldn’t make her feel more alone. They’re so attentive and they definitely want her but it’s so clinical and there’s so many of them. They don’t make her feel special and loved.

Luna makes her feel like she’s the only thing on Earth. The only living, breathing, fragile hearted, wanting Moonflower girl for her and so she waits. The very thought of Luna’s bright, gleaming face makes her vespertine petals tremble and her roots become weak. If only they could touch each other; oh, but they can! And here she comes now.

A glittering halo moves through the trees towards Moonflower, who reaches her lush, green stems to meet her. Luna’s moonbeams settle on Moonflower’s buds, coaxing them to open, to submit to her. Moonflower sighs, the sound is like a midsummer night breeze, her heart flutters like a trapped bird and together they soar like no other light could give life like this.

Laura Bibby is a botanical enthusiast currently living in Melbourne via North Wales and New Zealand. She makes zines under the name Bloomurder Zines, with subjects ranging from poetry and shakespeare to splenectomies and poisonous plants! She has just started a BA in Creative Writing and Literature and loves to write short, sharp poetry and flash fiction. Her botanical enthusiasm generally shines through in her work.

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