The Moon and Lenora

by Jennifer Lothrigel


The Moon

Who was holding who?

The moon rested her curved backside

atop my crown.

I became a vortex of visions,

and fertile femininity.


The night was dark and

the wind howled around me,

sonically inviting my

body to awaken.


I felt the tug of sea creatures

with their claws

pinching my legs.

My sheer green nightgown

glowing as it blew

behind me,

reaching toward the deep black sky.


I was torn between

two strange invitations.

One, to wash away my sins

and one to dive into them

and free their pearls.



She had an old soul in

a sturdy time tested

hunched-forward body.

Her Spirit already had one foot

through the door of the transcendent ethers.


Her skin had long ago began its relaxing descent to the earth.

Her eyes-

large, ocean, deep, green, round.

Her silvery long hair pulled back from her face.


She asked if she could dance my psychic portrait.

I said yes

and the oracle slipped into her body.


Her hands quickly opened their palms to each side of her face,

her eyes and mouth opened wide in child-like awe,


Her neck reached out and forward

as if to discover herself in the world before her

with no mind to her intrusive wonder.


Random startling movements shook her body,

interrupting otherwise slow and graceful undulations.

The ecstasy of my spirit’s life story moved inside her.


Free now from my ego

in her elderly body temple,


I watched my naked soul

tumble innocently

through the cherished cosmic third dimension.


Jennifer Lothrigel is a poet and artist residing in the San Francisco Bay area. Her work has been published in Trivia – Voices of Feminism, Narrative Northeast, Poetry Quarterly, Firefly Magazine, Cordella Magazine, We’ Moon and elsewhere.

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