by Alex Creece

She dragged a bunny rabb on a leash

And drug a loosely-rolled joint
Curls of carcinogen [filemot foliage]

Salt-n-peppered the sidewalk like
Shoop-ba-doop, baby

A dirtgundy quilt hung in place of hair follicles

Her cuticles crimson with auburnt ammonia [week-old menstrual blood]

Dead cells, dyed red

But her nostrils still twitched as my shoe scuffed her pillow
“I change my sheets twice a week”

A Molten Cheesus

Crucified upon [soggysoggysoggy] microwave nachos

Might have made me rich [hip pockets, frayed on Bible belts]

If I were not so starving

At the witching hour she lit candles under her bed

And watched the Vicar of Dribbly, dribbly wax

With a melting jezebel [cheezebel, my stomach gnarled]


I was time-warped from Transylvania

To this world of pristine sheets and filthy hands

But I was too young to remember Pauline Hanson

It made her feel so guilty

I asked her [politely] to explain

And I did, too

Alex Creece (creecedpaper.com) is a space monster.

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