Womanifesto #11 and On the Line

by Barbara Ruth 

all paths lead to Yemaya
‘All Paths Lead To Yemaya’ by Barbara Ruth

Womanifesto #11

I want to be transformed

be made new. I want to dive into the ocean and come up

into a new spot, new life. I want

to go into my back yard, as I did when  I was ten

and this time dig until I really do

reach China.

I want to be transcendent


transcending all the barriers, all the things I have been told

I cannot do. I want to be

beyond the limits, ever going further,

not resting till I reach an unnamed shore

where no man has ever walked. And there

I will lie down beside the water’s edge

and hear the ocean whisper

my given name

in our own tongue.

When we crossed the lines
‘When we crossed the line’ by Barbara Ruth

On the Line

If Paris is a woman, San Francisco is a lesbian.

She resists gentrification and she gentrifies.

She works in Silicon Valley, takes the Apple bus to work.

She blocks the Apple bus with 50 of her friends.

She loves the Mission, it’s where she was born.

She loves the Mission: potted wine bars, pretty murals.

Either way, her rent’s too dear. Transitioning

is always in her face.

So many choices, fraught, delicious, brash,

they educate, they enervate.

She remembers Maud’s, still goes to the Women’s Building.

She calls herself a queer grrl,  has boyfriends on the side.

Oh, but honey, desire

clicks on the trolley, silk against silk on the N Judah line.

leather pressed to organic cotton on the BART, cheek to cheek, baby

cheek to cheek.

Barbara Ruth is a radical lesbian feminist, an warrior who fights for housing justice in silicon valley and the medical oxygen she needs to survive, but is often denied her due to the controversy surrounding her diagnosis and general bureaucratic malfeasance. She can be quite charming.

One thought on “Womanifesto #11 and On the Line

  1. Hi Barbara Ruth,

    Nice to see your writing again. It’s great that you have an on-line presence.
    Hope all is well with you.

    Anne Whitehead

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