Upon the Graph

by Adam Que

The teacher questions her students

Her students of all colors

Black & White

Tan & Burgundy

Purple & Cyan

Tea Green & Venetian Red

The teacher asks

“Can we make it through all these lasers & lightning bolts?”

While the oxygen pumps through the space station


One student responds poetically


“Of course we can”

“As long as we can make amends”

“As long as our coexistence is not some kind of trend”

“For we are just not AI’s, aliens, and asterisks”

“But we are the values we practice”

“We are our communities”

“We are our absurdities”

“We are our VR tournaments and Jupiter festivals”

“Of course we can”

“Beyond our super [and master] computers”

“Beyond our planetary explorations and interstellar travel”

“Beyond the matrices that process our food”

“Beyond the black holes and time warps”

“We are the dark matter”

“Our legacy is the odds we shatter”

“Of course we can”

“Of course we can keep progressing for the better”

“Whelp… at least, until another Big Bang clatter.”


Adam Que is an independent author/poet from Jersey City, New Jersey. He also works in the fitness industry.

Photo credit: super awesome via Flickr, All Creative Commons

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