by Gabriella Pharaoh

I close my eyes at night

And the lowering of my screens allows our vignette to play

Projected on my eyelids, I dream of dancing

You and I, utterly faceless, and to music only we can hear.

Face to face, breast to breast.

My hands running through your silken hair,

Down to your hips

And mine, down to my waist.

“Always in a constant length competition,”

You would say, and I would chuckle at the ironic innuendo.

A mirror placed on how we lived

With another placed facing my dreams

It’s a beautiful clear view which duplicates itself into infinitum


Since you left,

My greatest enemy has become the sun.

Each morning, as every individual stream shines adamant

Through each tiny crack between my window’s blinds

The rays violently rip us apart

And hurl me back into this excruciating reality

Actively lacking your smooth skin

And smoother temperament.


Gabriella is an Argentine artist residing in Southern Florida. She has been writing since developing the faculties to hold a crayon. Reading, writing, and dancing are her passions. (A deplorable dancer, however, she believes in the balance required in regards to gifts of the spirit.) Gabriella is currently working towards publishing an anthology of her poetry. She can be contacted here.

Photo credit: littlevanities via Flickr, All Creative Commons


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