by Ashley Parker Owens

Early morning,
I spied a planet
glowing a white color
& pulsing red.

It moved slowly east
to west
& then bounced around
& stilled.

Once it seemed to burst
& join back together.
I gave a nervous laugh.
It made no sound.

I listened to
a thousand frogs croak,
& went distant inside,
the ground damp from an early evening rain.

They illumined the whole area
& I could see the tree line beyond.
It reminded me of lightning flashing at dusk,
& I could see the details of everything.
Denial simmering,
visitation conjured.

I know where Venus sits in the morning sky
& this was not Venus.
From my observation in my back yard,
near the small pond, weeds rotted,
I looked several thousand feet up.

I viewed it through binoculars,
& when it drifted off,
it appeared transparent,
the color of the blue sky.

It hovered for a while,
wobbling on its axis,
then shot across the sky
at an incredible speed,
enchantment dissipating
like morning dew.

Ashley Parker Owens is a writer, poet, and UFO abductee living in Richmond, KY.

Photo credit: MDV via Flickr, All Creative Commons. This image is of a navy blue dusk sky with orange wisps of cloud and the tiny bright star Venus near towards the bottom of the frame.

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