Wolf Sonnet and Sparks

by Katie Hager

Wolf Sonnet

If I am to howl, let it be loudly.
Let me sink my teeth deep within the song
and let not the cities of man crowd me.
For I am beast forever; time long gone.
Let the wind twist my hair and earth tremble
‘neath my feet whilst I roam weathered roads.
Man will not cage me; spirit resemble
the sun’s fire and ignite my soaring soul.
Life will not tame me, fate is a prison.
I am free, reckless and blissfully young.
Lest Death take me with divine precision,
let her hold her contemptuous tongue.
For I am the pulse of the compass rose
and ramble, I will, without ill repose.


Struck match magic
I like the way you
singe my fingers

You’ve got ways
of making me feel my
heart convulse, implode

Too close, burning
against the heat of
your fire magic

Katie Hager (aka Kentucky Lee) is a 29-year-old writer/photographer/sassmaster. She grew up in the South and likes oversized cardigans, crab rangoon, coffee, autumn, spooky stories, and naps. Most of the time, you can find her tip-tapping away at one of her computers. She is either working on her book, crafting poetry, or monitoring a text-based RP community that she runs. She is partial to older games (Legend of Zelda is her favorite), but has also been known to slay some zombies in her day. You can find out more about her on Instagram: @thekentuckylee.

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