by Veronica Lupinacci

Cut-and-Paste Girl

Her neck is my hometown—
a blind pillow. But sitting
with me on top of the dunes
one night she threw her shoes down
into the tomb of Nefertiti, exhaled
ten years of black hot streets and announced
she was leaving our city
for the walnut blush of Kentucky.
These days I collect mismatched cups
and saucers these days I fortify
my garden with any broken
pieces. Now, I marvel
at disaster. I anticipate light. The dirt moves,
the world muscles a small gesture.


Cut-and-Paste Boy

The world muscled
this small gesture for me

and then it was nothing.
All of this hypothetical

soup. The usual carousel
drawn by animals

without blood. And it’s like throwing
farewell parties
on the roofs of dolls houses.

I have another
city now—a patchwork party
of murmured snoring.

Me and all these porcelain spinners,
at night,
these doorbell dancers.

No audience can see
how frantically we rip
at our shadows.


Cut-and-Paste Boy Meets a New Girl  

Now what?
I’ve been covering this
morning in all kinds of
different oranges,
chasing the slight
albedo of squealing ghosts,
of shell voices
flashing mirrors around

corners spooning
penny breath,
sweating vitriol
steam in cement
parking garage stairwells.
I know this is
the perfumed red panting
of display cases filled with
wanting everything but
I’ll get in bed with a Tuscan
funeral if I have to.

Throw my lighthouse snow
globe down to the street
and hang my pants in the window.
I can’t adjust

to those who only know
pleated helpless sleep.
This new girl, she’s a real city horse,
an ancient hunter
in a month-long canoe.
She meets me at the central
point of sometimes. It may be
in the split hush
of wax debt and fish wash

but do you ever think about
the quantity of living in most people?
I think about
that filthy phone rattling again.
About chewing hotel soap and waltzing
with my puny slump

Veronica Lupinacci holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, has taught writing from the college to elementary level, and has served as an editor for Chautauqua and founder for Globe’s Wing. She currently teaches ESL and her work has previously appeared in The Pinch, The McNeese Review, Haiku Journal, Gravel, and others.

Photo credit: Humphry King via Flickr All Creative Commons. Image is of a collage of different shapes of different shades of blue obscuring a black and white image of a naked woman/

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