Bubbles and Bedtime Prayer

by Kate Doser




Your world shimmers in soft hazes

of purple and blue light, spinning

across each small sphere that surrounds you,

koolaid lips an “o,” blowing wishes

into a dozen bubbles.


The lilac breeze dances your bubbles

across the yard, and you smile

with the joy of ordinary magic.


Oh but wait, watch

for each globe to descend

and pop in a spray of cold droplets,

fading as, my baby,

all things do.


Bedtime Prayer


Oh messy, bedraggled beloved

with calloused, topographical hands.


Light of my overcast nights and unwashed dishes,

Lover with the sandpaper beard,


move me through my years,

alter me in every indistinguishable way.


Sweet unmade bed, lily of the laundry heap,

Darling who sees my every flaw, and loves them-


kiss me close and stain

the carpet with green paint-


love me in the messy way of years.


Kate Doser is a Merchandise Manager for Barnes & Noble and founder of the Elemental Poetry Collective. An active member of The Artists Guild of Lockport, she seeks to explore artistic expression across various mediums, including artwork and photography. Kate’s poetry has previously appeared in the Cedarville Review and Qua Literary & Fine Arts Magazine; her art is available at www.inksbykate.redbubble.com.

Image Credit: Jaideep Khemani via Flickr All Creative Commons. Image is of a number of small bubbles suspended in a pale pink liquid. 

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