An Important Message from Slink Chunk HQ

It’s a bloody hard thing to run a magazine. It is particularly hard to run a sustainable one, one that doesn’t eat into your spare time, money and energy just to keep it afloat. When I started Slink Chunk, these things didn’t matter so much to me, because running this mag has been a labour of complete love. However, when it’s just you and really good mate running the show, it’s hard to keep things going when life gets tough, and you find all of your reserves depleted. And so it’s with a heavy but determined heart that I announce Slink Chunk’s prolonged hiatus.

We’ll be reading through and responding to all submissions that are currently in our submission box, but as of today we’ll be closing it off for the foreseeable future. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at

Thank you so much to all our readers, contributors, and supporters, I am so proud of what we have made together. All I wanted was to carve out a space for some weird, wonderful shit, and I think we did that. Thank you Audrey for being a clever, kind poetry editor and a real good friend. Thank you all for your words, your friendship and your patience as we grew and changed and learned to be better. And please, don’t be a stranger. This isn’t the end, this is just a rest.

– T, SCPxx

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