Not Kidding

by Chelsey Clammer I’m not the first person to say “fuck kids.” Not fuck in any sort of physical action way, because that’s just fucked up. No other way to look at that. “Fuck kids” as in pa-shaw. I got other shit to do than tell another human being they’re doing the whole life thing wrong, to taint their experience of what it means to be a person by doing something that’s really fucked up like telling them what they can and cannot do, and that I—because my body has been breathing longer than theirs—know how life is to be … Continue reading Not Kidding

Learn How To Cry: Advice to My Fifteen Year Old Self

by Stephanie Johnson Sweet pea, my savings account gathers dust and I pray every time I start my damn car. This is all I have over you: more scars and more hurt in my heart. I have memorized where the bombshells lie. I must stress to you, I’m no God. I don’t have all the answers. You succeed. That’s what I’m writing to tell you: breathe deep, feel the air go through your lungs and your belly. I would never lie to you. Staring into a mirror in a public bathroom, I learned your eyelids do puff up when you … Continue reading Learn How To Cry: Advice to My Fifteen Year Old Self