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Tiegan Dakin


Tiegan Dakin is a teenage writer and artist whose works of many varieties appear or are forthcoming in Weirderary, After the Pause, and Blue Bonnet Review, among others. She is an associate editor for Zoetic Press and the Chief Editor of The Drowning Gull. You can learn more about Tiegan at her blog:


Dark Angel
Cesar Valtierra


Cesar Valtierra is a graphic designer in El Paso, TX, with 10 plus years experience. His portfolio and illustrations can be found at and His comic, Balazo, can be viewed at

I Am My Fantasies (Self Portrait)
Chloe Henderson

Chloe Henderson is an odd artsy person from Edinburgh. She creates visual and wearable artwork inspired by stories, fantasies, and mythologies. In her spare time she tames unicorns and swims with mermaids. More of her work can be found here:

Elf Warrior
Bonny Ross


Bonny is a writer and illustrator from Melbourne. In 2008, she was voted Year 11’s Most Mysterious Female. She’s currently covered in glitter, probably.

Alisha Jade 


Alisha Jade is a comic creator hermitting around Brisbane. Runs OH MY! Comics and is a passionate advocate of queer and diverse comic work.

Islands of Thought
Michelle Harford 


Complexities and Lies in Politics
Jasmine Shirrefs