Issue Two

Holy moly, Issue Two is here! Once again we are so excited to share such strong, vulnerable and downright fabulous works (and artists) with you! Here’s the line up, put the dates in your iCal (or, if you’re like me, your diary because you have a serious weakness for pretty stationary you are never going to use).

December 1st:
Amber- Alisha Jade
The Splendid Mendicants  – Carrie Naughton
Please Feel Free to Die in the Grass – Vanessa Willoughby
Self-Immolation Means I Love You – Vanessa Willoughby

December 3rd:
Victory from Solace – Kaye Branch
Anna Mae – Kristi Whalen
In the Dark Places – Carolyn Elias
Skin Me Alive – Carolyn Elias

December 5th:
Excerpts from Twenty One: A NaNoWriMo Novel – Bridgette Jameson
Slumber – Mitchell Grabois
Mr. Macho – Kayla Pongrac


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