Issues 1-4

Issue One

Complexities and Lies in Politics – Jasmine Shirrefs
As Seen on TV – Anastasia Kalos
Regrets in a Total Column, Shattered and
The Ophelia Syndrome – Charlotte De’Ath
Islands of Thought – Michelle Harford
Grave to Cradle – Cathy Haustein
Thoughts of a Tiger Cub – Lucy Wan
Poison – Sarah Herrington
Darling Girl, A Woman Wakes in the River Drowning, and
Navigating the Sea, By Way of the Stars – Amber Edmondson
Two Poems – Molly Elizabet Fells
The Wrath of Maude – LM Thorne
Love is a Battlefield – Romana Guillotte
Landing on an Off Day, Planning a Death and
The Sphinx – Valentina Cano

Issue Two

Amber- Alisha Jade
The Splendid Mendicants  – Carrie Naughton
Please Feel Free to Die in the Grass – Vanessa Willoughby
Self-Immolation Means I Love You – Vanessa Willoughby
Victory from Solace – Kaye Branch
Anna Mae – Kristi Whalen
In the Dark Places – Carolyn Elias
Skin Me Alive – Carolyn Elias
Excerpts from Twenty One: A NaNoWriMo Novel – Bridgette Jameson
Slumber – Mitchell Grabois
Mr. Macho – Kayla Pongrac

Issue Three

Loft Space – W. Jack Savage
Andre’s Alice – Anne E. Johnson
Destash – Valentina Cano
Learn How to Cry: Advice to my 15 year old self – Stephanie Johnson
The Gnomes They’ve Known – T.L Sherwood
I See You, Seeing Me – Bridgette Annalyse 
Home Gardens – Kyle Hemmings
Gulwart – Allen Kopp

Issue Four

Vanessa Willoughby – Ne Rein (It’s Nothing)
Ashley Hutson – Thaw
Carolyn D. Elias – Bitches on Vaginas
Andria Wu – This Sorry Cycle
Mora Torres – Unfortunate Development
Stacey Margaret Jones – Credit Approved
Audrey El-Osta – Theft, The Other Girls and L’eau d’Issey
Bonny Ross – Elf Warrior

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