slink – chunk
adjective: out-of-this-world cool
example: Once there was a slink-chunk, slam-dunk band called the Goat Guys
First recorded use in Francesca Lia Block’s Dangerous Angels omnibus.
See also:  slam-dunk, slinkster-cool, clutch-pig

Our namesake comes from  a book penned by punk-rocker, earth-shaker, literary ground-breaker and all round amazing human being, Francesca Lia Block. It’s called Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys and it’s a book about magic, music and love. It’s about unabashed, unironic love for things, for other people, and for yourself. It’s about paying homage to your roots, and the ones who came before you. It’s about growing up, and struggling to keep the magic with you as you get older. It’s about acknowledging the darkness, even embracing it, getting sucked under for a while but not surrendering to it, not completely.

Sure, this book might read like a fairy-tale, but our girls Cherokee and Witch Baby aren’t helpless*. These girls and their secret agent lovers are our patron saints, and it is with them in mind that we ask for you to share your stories with us.

Slink Chunk Press is a place for cool kids, in a land where cool means being tolerant and not a jerk to people in comments. And not at all ashamed to fan girl or fanboy. Fangirling, fanboying, and fanenbying (fenbying?) over people’s work is HIGHLY encouraged at Slink Chunk Press. What we’re looking to do is to shake things up, to give fresh takes on the tropes that occur in a lot of magical realist, speculative and urban fantasy fictions, poetry, essays and art! So have a read of the guidelines on the Submit page, and if you think your piece will be a good fit please send it our way!

Please note: We do not discriminate against age, race, gender, or experience (in fact you don’t even have to disclose this information if you don’t want to. Pseudonyms are just fine). We have adopted a kind of punk-rock ethos to publishing here at Slink Chunk; what you send to us doesn’t have to be technically perfect, as long as the ideas are strong and the passion is lit.

and also: If you send us work that is sexist, racist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic or discriminatory towards a particular minority group(s) we will not publish it, no matter how good the work is as a whole. You can do better.

*If you’re unfamiliar with the Dangerous Angels Universe, and want to know what we’re on about, check out the Dangerous Angels omnibus or the first in the series, Weetzie Bat. You can thank us later in the comments!

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